High Field Science staff and students

A team posing for a photo
EP experimental team 2020: (from left) Prof. Louise Willingale, Dr. Paul T Campbell, Dr. Andrew McKelvey, Hongmei Tang, and Brandon Russell.
[Photo credit: Eugene Kowaluk (LLE)]

Current PhD students

Brendan Stassel (Applied Physics)

Veronica Contreras (EE)

Nicolas Kalem (Applied Physics)

Hear Brandon talk about being a graduate students at Michigan:

Note to potential graduate students: I accept PhD students through the Applied Physics program, the ECE department or the NERS department. Please see their websites for information on how to apply. Other useful information on applying for a PhD in plasma physics may be found on the MIPSE website.

Current Undergraduate Researchers

Rachel Davis (Physics, University of York, UK, summer 2024), Project title: “Build and test a large aperture liquid crystal film”.


  • Carl Gerisch (ECE undergraduate researcher, 2021 – 2022), Project title: “Proton deflectometry analysis of magnetic fields driven by laser-foil interactions”.
  • Lillian Croghan (UROP project student, 2021 – 2022) Project title: “Build and characterize a liquid crystal target for high-intensity laser-plasma experiments”.
  • Krishen Ratnayaka (UROP project student, 2018-2019) Project title: “Digitization and analysis of proton radiograph film data”.