High Field Science staff and students

A team posing for a photo
EP experimental team 2020: (from left) Louise Willingale, Paul T Campbell, Andrew McKelvey, Hongmei Tang, and Brandon Russell

[Photo credit: Eugene Kowaluk (LLE)]

Current PhD students

Brandon K Russell (ECE)

Brendan Stassel (Applied Physics)

Hongmei Tang (ECE)

Hear Brandon talk about being a graduate students at Michigan:

Current undergraduate student researchers

Carl Gerisch (ECE)

Lillian Croghan (UROP project student)


Paul T Campbell (Applied Physics, 2019): DOE FES postdoctoral fellow, based at CUOS

Dissertation titled “Laboratory Investigations of Magnetic Field Generation and Interactions Driven by High Power Lasers”

Amina Hussein (Applied Physics, 2019): Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, University of Alberta

Dissertation titled “Laser-Driven Electron Accelerators as a Broadband Radiation Source from Infrared to X-rays”