Mentoring and outreach

Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering (WECE)

Prof. Willingale was the faculty advisor to the student group WECE 2020 – 2024.

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WECE is a student-run, diversity-focused organization whose purpose is to foster community among women and other gender minorities in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) fields at the University of Michigan. WECE is dedicated to assisting in the recruitment and retention of minorities in ECE industries and academia. WECE focuses on the professional and academic development of individuals committed to innovation and excellence in electrical and electronics engineering fields. Although WECE is intended to support women and gender minority individuals, membership is open to UM students with an interest in the mission of WECE.

Visit the WECE website to learn more. Read about the group in the ECE news story.

Summer school lectures

Prof. Willingale has given lectures at: